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Email Marketing is one of the effective ways of promoting your business. With the help of Email Marketing you can reach your potential audience universally. More than 45% business use email marketing to promote their products or service. Email Marketing is cost-effective and best options for small business. The objective of Email Marketing is to convert your prospects into buyers. We create motivational, creative Emails with valuable contents that will drive more conversions. According to data 80% of business consider email marketing drives customer acquisition and retention.

Why Choose Us?

Sending only promotional emails may result into spamming. Even poorly designed or using spam keywords in the subject lines or heading can result into spamming. Our experienced team will create tailor made& spam free campaign that will resonate with your readers mind converting them into sales leads. We create headings and content that is fresh and interesting, that improves conversion. heading is the most important element of any email as most of the times the customers just read headings. Before planning email marketing strategy we take the entire brief from you and based on it we create the best strategy that will give you optimal results.

Email Marketing Strategy

We create customized email marketing strategy for each client based on their business needs and customer persona. Each individual client has different aim for email marketing; for instance brands may need increased engagements and more sharing whereas service industry may aim at lead nurturing strategy.

Tracking & Reporting

We create exact granular report on the key aspects of your email campaigns as in who opened your email and which customer clicked or got converted. Thus we provide valuable insight into how well your marketing efforts are performing.

Relevant Content

At Clicks and Comments we create killer subject lines for your emails that will force your clients show interest in your brands. conversion. Another most important thing in email is the optimized content as more than 75% customers open their emails on mobile device


Every business has a goal to reach their target audience and generate sales as much as possible. Email marketing is one of the best and direct forms of online advertising that helps reach your audience instantly and creatively. Email marketing gives more opportunity to connect your business and connect deeper relationships with your wider audience and drive a better ROI return on investment. Have you not considered email marketing for your business then it’s the time now.

Cost- effective – Email Marketing is one of the vibrant, effective & budget friendly online marketing campaigns to promote your business. it’s affordable as compared to other marketing channels as you have no other costs as print, advertising fees etc. In order to get more benefits and sales leads we suggest to hire an agency or professional copywriter to make more create drafts.

Increase in sales – More than 45% clients say that they have been able to generate more sales conversion after opting for email marketing service. According to a survey it has been considered as king of the marketing with a 4400% ROI with $44 for $1 spent. It is a great way to drive more traffic on your website which in turn helps nurturing leads through the buying cycle.

Metrics – It helps give complete insight about the customers behavior and interests. Email marketing gives you the precise and valuable metrics like delivery dates, clicks, conversion, open rates. So that it becomes easy for you to target your marketing strategy towards more successful campaigns. It can be easily measured and optimized that will give you an opportunity to improvise the next campaign based on the last report.

Increase brand awareness –Each time you send an email to your customers you remain on top of mind of your audiences at the time of purchase decision.

Target audience – Email marketing tends to result in higher conversion rates as they are sent only to those who have shown interest in your brand or service through subscriptions or newsletter. Through bespoke drafts only for customers who are willing to opt for your product or service your business has more chances to improve sales conversion and reduce the chances of exasperating other customers who are not your audiences

Global reach – Emails can be reached to your global audiences and can be contacted instantly with a click of a button.

Instant result – With email marketing you can see instant results within a few minutes. In few cases like ecommerce products or restaurants placing a restricted time results in superb sales conversion as the customers buy them to save their money. .

Calls to action – The sole purpose of CTA button is to trigger sales. It helps drive consumers to take action

Promotes your social media channels – You can integrate your social media channels with your emails to increase your followers and reach. This will help your brand gain more exposure and engagements with your target audiences.

Helps build referrals – You can incorporate referrals in your email marketing strategy by encouraging your existing customers to refer you by offering amazing incentives to them. A study reports that more than 84% people find referrals through their friends and relatives

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