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Get Quality Traffic on Your Website . Increase Your Sales leads. Generate More Revenue with our effective Search Engine Marketing Service.

Search Engine Marketing

Enhance Your Online Presence

Pay Per Click (PPC) Is An Outstanding Advertising Method To Boost Your Online Presence With Optimal Results.

Generate Sales Leads

We Create Sales Focused Ad Campaigns For The Customers Who Are Thirsty For Products Or Services.

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Promote Your Brand Awareness

Google Display Ads Are The Perfect Way To Showcase Your Brand In Front Of Your Audience And Increase Brand Awareness.

Do You Want To Generate More REVENUE And GROW Your BUSINESS?

Clicks and Comments is a pay per click company that focuses on providing its clients with high quality campaigns producing killer results. We create campaigns with focused goals to generate quality leads and improved ROI. We provide each client a custom-made PPC strategies in accordance with their needs.

What Is Search Engine Marketing? (SEM)

Search engine marketing or pay per click is a paid advertising model and one of the effective ways to promote your brands & grow your business on Google. If you are trying to reach out to your target audience and want the instant results then PPC is the best option. PPC works for all kinds of business whether you have online store or small shop no matter whatever is your business size. But the most important thing is that you should have a clear goal or else you will end up wasting your time and money.

Why choose Us for your PPC campaigns?

We create tailor-made campaigns for each client depending on their market segment and budget. We study about your business, the market demand, your audience and customize the campaigns accordingly. We research more than 5,000 keywords for your campaigns. Our robust search engine marketing strategy will put your website in front of your target audiences helping you generate more sales leads. Our expert team will design comprehensive PPC campaign keeping in mind your business goals, your target audiences, your competitors and most importantly your budget. We regularly review your ad performances to ensure you get optimal results from every penny you spend.

pay per click service in Mumbai

Our Pay Per Click Management Service Includes:

We set up a PPC campaign for you that is bound to get you high traffic, that will generate more sales leads and revenue so that it will help grow your business and get you the result you want.

1) Complete Ads set up and management: This includes creating your ad campaigns, quality score and optimizing effectively.

2) In depth keyword research: Keyword is most important part of ad campaigns with the help of keyword planning tools we research which keyword is used most to search for your business and how competitive they are? After complete search volume we incorporate in ad campaigns to help you get maximum conversions.

3)Competitive Research: It is equally important to spy on your competitors to attract more qualified leads as compared to your competitors.

4) A/B testing to improve ROI: It is also another important component that helps improve conversion rates on your PPC campaigns. It is the best way to understand which ad campaign works better and yields maximum results.

5) Weekly ROI report: Tracking your sales conversion allows to measure the number of sales conversion on your PPC campaigns. This metrics helps us which ads campaigns and keywords are generating better result. We continuously monitor your ad campaigns to learn which keywords are generating more sales leads and conversions.

Benefits of Pay Per Clicks


 You Can Easily Measure The Impact Of Your Campaign And Find Out The Number Of Reach And Clicks On Your Ads. And The Number Of Conversions Too


Reach Your Target Audience On Whatever Device They Are Searching. Desktop, Laptop, Tablet Or Mobile. Flexibility To Edit And Optimize The Ads


You Have Budget Flexibility. You Are Free To Set Your Own Budget And Control And Bid As Per Your Spending Power And Even Scale Up Your Budget Whenever You See The Positive Results.


Unlike SEO, It Shows The Immediate Results. The Moment You Start Running Your PPC Campaigns Your Brand Gets Instant Visibility.


PPC Campaigns Objectives Are Conversion Focused Like Newsletter Signup, Fill The Form Now.


It is Great For Local Marketing To Gain Instant Visibility & Increase Sales Leads.

Our PPC Campaigns are highly customized to meet your business objectives and to target your ideal market.

Our Search Engine Marketing Services Includes:

1) Search Ads: The one you see in search results. These PPC ad appears right above or below the organic search listings. These ads are budgets depend on how competitive the keywords are. These ads are not charged for impressions, You only pay when someone clicks your ads

2) Remarketing: It Refers To Serve Your Ad Displays Through Different Channels. To Those Audience Who Have Visited Your Website Without Purchasing Your Products Or Service. It Helps Potential Your Customers Persuading Them To Make Purchase Keeping The Brand In Front Of Their Eyes. It Is Believed To Be Highly Profitable To Target Your Warm Audience Who Are Willing To Purchase But Due To Some Reasons Didn’t Get Converted.

The following visual shows how retargeting works

3) Display Advertising: With these ads you can target specific audiences and areas to see adverts. It helps promote your brands and services helping you reach the potential customers instantly. These ads are great for creating brand awareness.

4) Google Shopping Ads: These types of ads are for Ecommerce website. It helps leads find your products providing them with a sneak peek styles and price of products. It has higher chance of conversion as your audience have already learnt about your product and price.

5) Local Service Ads: These exclusive ads are options for small and Local business markets, when people search for nearby stores or services. They are great for business like Salon. Spa, Plumbers, electricians, doctors etc.

Do You Want Strong Customized Online Marketing Strategy?

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