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What Is Search Engine Marketing? (SEM)

Search engine marketing or pay per click is a paid advertising model and one of the effective ways to promote your brands & grow your business on Google. If you are trying to reach out to your target audience and want the instant results then PPC is the best option. PPC works for all kinds of business whether you have online store or small shop no matter whatever is your business size. But the most important thing is that you should have a clear goal or else you will end up wasting your time and money.

Clicks and Comments is a pay per click company that focuses on providing its clients with high quality campaigns producing killer results. We create campaigns with focused goals to generate quality leads and improved ROI. We provide each client a custom-made PPC strategies in accordance with their needs.

Our expert team focus on important aspects like relevant keywords, bid management and tweaking time to time. Our goal is to help our clients drive high quality results by leveraging the power of search engine effectively. 

Why choose Us for your PPC campaigns?

We create tailor-made campaigns for each client depending on their market segment and budget. We study about your business, the market demand, your audience and customize the campaigns accordingly. We research more than 5,000 keywords for your campaigns. Our robust search engine marketing strategy will put your website in front of your target audiences helping you generate more sales leads. Our expert team will design comprehensive PPC campaign keeping in mind your business goals, your target audiences, your competitors and most importantly your budget. We regularly review your ad performances to ensure you get optimal results from every penny you spend.

pay-per-click ad conversion

Benefits of Search Engine Marketing

Google AdWords is one of the effective online advertising model to reach your target audiences instantly. It is crucial for businesses of all sizes. Whether you are into B2B or B2C google ad words help you reach the right customer at the right time.

Measurable And Trackable

You Can Easily Measure The Impact Of Your Campaign And Find Out The Number Of Reach And Clicks On Your Ads. And The Number Of Conversions Too.

Budget Friendly

You Have Budget Flexibility. You Are Free To Set Your Own Budget And Control And Bid As Per Your Spending Power And Even Scale Up Your Budget whenever You see the positive Results.

Conversion Focused

PPC Campaigns Objectives Are Conversion Focused Like Newsletter Signup, Fill The Form Now

Instant Result

Google ads have the potential to deliver the immediate results. It brings instant visibility from the time it is launched and reach ready-to-buy customers.

Geo- Targeted Ads

You can choose your target audiences according to the preferred locations like country, state, city or region, or radius around a zip code.

Pay Only When Clicked

Once you create and start running your ads it appears for free, you only pay when your potential customer clicks on your ads.

Brings Qualified Traffic

It helps brings high-quality traffic to your website. With Google ads you can choose who can see your ad. You also have the facility to filter the users by using negative keywords.

Gain Competitive Edge

With PPC ad campaigns you can gain a competitive edge by optimizing your ad campaigns and choosing the relevant keywords and crafting great text ad.

  • Search Ads: The one you see in search results. These PPC ad appears on top and bottom page of search results.
  • Remarketing:  It Refers To Serve Your Ad Displays Through Different Channels. To Those Audience Who Have Visited Your Website Without Purchasing Your Products Or Service. It Helps Potential Your Customers Persuading Them To Make Purchase Keeping The Brand In Front Of Their Eyes. It Is Believed To Be Highly Profitable To Target Your Warm Audience Who Are Willing To Purchase But Due To Some Reasons Didn’t Get Converted.
  • Display Advertising: With these ads you can target specific audiences to see adverts.
  • Local Service Ads: These exclusive ads are options for small business markets like Salon. Spa, Plumbers etc.
  • Google Map Ads: These sponsored ads appear at the top of map search results.
Our Search Engine Marketing Services Includes:
shopping ads ppc
  • Google Shopping Ads: It helps leads find your products. These paid ads appear on extreme right side of search engines.