Social Media Organic vs Paid reach

What is more important likes or reach? Many times this question worries us. Especially when it comes to clients, they want to see that how much likes has the agency managed to get for their clients on face book posts. The agency many times are judged on this basis. But it is extremely essential for the companies or the clients to understand that how do likes work and what is more important likes or reaches.

Fine so let’s first understand how does likes work? And for which kind of business likes are important?

There are many ways to get the likes for the posts

  • Purchased – Likes are either purchased through agents, which are really dangerous and can end up in account suspension if proved.
  • Events – likes are easy to get for those who do events and post  it on the face book and ask the attendees to give the likes
  • Indoors – in this case inside the premise say a restaurant or store whatever the business is into the clients puts a sticker with the offer like us on face book and get discount
  • Advertisements – those brands who spend a big fat amount on any kind of advertisements and become the talk of the town these well known brands are likely to get more likes
  • Face book ads – those clients who spend on fb advertisements or boost the posts with some offers are likely to get more likes. So these are few ways where likes are expected from the agencies that manage the account to get the likes.

Now let’s understand for which kind of business likes keeps importance.  Its for B2C. For companies having B2C business should look forward to it as they are dealing with the mass and the direct customers.

But where B2B is concerned there only reach is important, because their business target audience is not the mass but the companies who need their products and services. And hence the B2B Company’s goal is their brand visibility they want their target audience to know that a company with the products that they are looking for exists and can fulfill their business needs.

So it is very important for the companies to understand the difference between likes and reach and for which business like is important and which business reach is important. Keeping in mind the business goals the agency gives the marketing strategy and the company should place the faith in agency, as the agency is in better position to decide what is more important for their clients.

Social Media organic vs paid reach

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