Seo Key Tactics to Increase Web Traffic.

SEO known as search engine optimization is an organic way ranking your website of top page of search engine and increasing quality traffic to your website. Now the question why is it so important to rank your webpages on Google? And the answer is simple! Every day people turn to Google to conduct their search for the products or services before making purchase. According to a study there are 3.5 billion searches

SEO tactics to increase web traffic

There are numerous ways to increase web traffic and help generate a better ROI. But here we are discussing about bringing in quality traffic only, which means only customers who are interested in your services and products. Traffic that fails to bring business is not the right kind of traffic and it will not help your business grow. So, let’s discuss the SEO tactics that will bring in quality traffic to your website.

On-Page SEO

1)  On Page Optimization – is the process of optimizing the web pages content.  Such as Title tags, description, heading tags, Image optimization, internal links, and URLs for search engines. You need to check the head tags, are properly distributed in your landing page. H1 being the most important tag on each web page is used to introduce the content on the page. Example, you are running fitness business your H1 tag should be something that goes with your business. Each service page should have H1 tag with its service mentioned. Example – H1- Yoga for health. It is also extremely important that your title tag and description should contain the H1 tags too as it improves rankings. Other important things like URLs should be search friendly. And most importantly your keywords should be in your URLs.  

Image Optimization – each image should have a proper name example:  Dental Implants treatment

Internal links – this helps establishing a hierarchy on your site and lets spider crawl thus affecting the rankings.

Off- Page SEO

2) Off Page SEO- Off page is tactics that takes place outside your website. Link building being most important aspect in SEO helps create backlinks, of your website to increase web authority. It is comprised of activities like submissions, book markings, forums, blogs commenting, articles, questions and answers, etc. It is imperative to focus on high quality link building with relevant content and anchor text. There are basically two types of links Do follow and No follow. Do follow links lets search engine bots pass the link juice that is linked to. For example, you write an article or a blog and post it to the other site using relevant content with anchor text giving a do follow link to your website. This link will give some value to your site thus increasing the site authority and boost rankings. On the other hand, no follow link doesn’t let google bots pass any link juice adding no value. Some of the important factors to be considered while doing the off-page SEO is

  1. Domain authority
  2. Page authority
  3. Site traffic
  4. Link types
  5. Anchor text
  6. Relevant content with relevant keywords.
  7. Social Media
  8. Local SEO
  9. Influencer Marketing
Technical -SEO

3) Technical SEO – the most important aspect of technical SEO is website speed and responsiveness. It refers to optimizing your site for crawling and indexing effectively. It has nothing to do with the contents, keywords, link buildings etc. its main aim is to improve the overall websites infrastructure. Technical SEO activities are

  • Robot txt
  • Canonical URLs
  • Site structure
  • XML or HTML sitemap
  • Structured Data Markup implementation
  • Website speed
  • Responsive or mobile friendly site
  • AMP (accelerated mobile pages)
  • Crawling and indexing
  • JavaScript
  • 301 redirecting
  • 404 pages
  • Webmaster tools registration.


It is important to know that a well-designed website is well structured and can be easily navigated. Any website that is easily navigational encourages the visitor to stay longer on your website thus decreasing the bounce rate

It also helps google and other search engines to crawl all of your site pages easily.

website architecture

4) Content- content is the King. High quality cornerstone content is the heart of your website that draws visitor’s attention.  Relevant content helps establish your business authority and increase brand awareness. Whether it comes to creating content for your website or social media or blog, good content helps generate quality traffic and leads. Crafting relevant and persuasive content draws the readers mind and is powerful tool to educate your consumers about your business, thus helping your consumers make a purchasing decision.

Tailor valuable content for your social media channels to meet your business goals. Define your buyer persona and determine your social media content style that connects and engages with your audiences. Create relevant content that provides solutions and information to your target audiences about the products or services that you offer, this will build your audiences trust for your brand and increase customer engagement with your brand.


5) Keywords – incorporate relevant keywords in your content to have big impact on your search engine rankings. For example, if you selling wooden chairs then your main keyword should be “home wooden chairs” and for H1” wooden chair for home” Your keyword should appear on all the services pages, URLs, H1 tags, Images alt text, and every piece of content. Your images alt text and URL should contain the relevant keywords too. Before you decide on keywords you need to do research on keywords, think what would your audience search for when they need wooden chair, accordingly choose your right keywords and incorporate in your content. Remember to not over stuff your keywords by infusing the enough number and relevant keywords you eventually increase the chances of generating more sales revenue.

Seo key tactics to increase web traffic.

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